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Groveland Hotel header

Roam. Rest. Repeat.

When new ownership took over this historic hotel at the gateway to Yosemite, they needed a brand that encompassed both their historic roots and their forward-thinking vision.


The Groveland Hotel


The Groveland
  • Brand Positioning
  • Identity
  • Messaging
  • Experiential Design
  • Signage

The Groveland didn’t want to ignore their historic past, but they didn’t want to feel stuck in it, either. Because the past, present, and future of California is about discovery and exploration, we crafted a position focused on the timeless feeling of awe that visitors experience in the wild of Yosemite. At The Groveland, let the California spirit move you.

Groveland before after

With an updated look and tone of voice, we evolved The Groveland from Western kitsch
to a destination for modern adventurers.

Groveland Moodboard
GVLND Core Messaging
Groveland Bar Menu
GVLND Souvenir Pins

The brand look combines diverse elements to encompass both past and present: modern and heritage, soft and solid, hand-drawn and typeset. Cursive gives a romantic touch while custom serif lettering is a nod to old school craft, reminiscent of wood blocks and letterpress.

GRVLD Stationery
GRLND Coasters
Napkin art

To give a fully branded guest experience, we designed signage, merchandise, and other experiential touches throughout the hotel. We used a vintage map pattern and green overlay to create a consistent look and call back to the concept of discovering the landscape.

GVLND Slippers
Door hang tag
Bath Kit
drip coffee