Fruit Growers Supply
A brand evolution for a 140 year old company. 

FGS is a 140 year old division of Sunkist, the citrus marketing cooperative of California, which delivers a myriad of pre- and post-harvest services to Sunkist members. Originally an acronym for Fruit Growers Supply, the brand needed updated visuals and logotype to stay current. Instead of a full rebrand, Flux strategized a brand evolution that would make the existing parts of this historic brand work better in unison. We redrew their classic F with cleaner and artistic proportions, making the logotype more harmonious. As their clients had diversified to include more than just fruit growers, we recommended they change their name to FGS Growers Supply, leaving the original acronym in as a nod to their founding. Flux delivered print collateral and marketing materials, including a welcome box for new clients, to reflect their updated visual language and identity.


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