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Give the Gift of Science

The Caltech Associates is a philanthropic membership organization dedicated to supporting groundbreaking discoveries at Caltech. We worked with them for a complete brand update with the goal of increasing membership dues and appealing to a wider, younger audience. The result was an entirely new look and feel that brought this historic organization into the now.




Caltech Associates
  • Strategic Vision Report
  • Messaging Toolkit
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Digital Campaigns Brand Collateral


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Strategic Vision Report

We first undertook a major research initiative aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the current Associates brand and identifying opportunities for growth and evolution. This involved conducting interviews with members and stakeholders, researching peer organizations, and conducting internal staff workshops.

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Additionally, a full audit of the organization’s programs and member benefits was conducted to identify areas of strength and potential improvement. Based on this research, Flux created a strategic vision report that made key recommendations for an evolved brand and communications strategy that would help the Associates better connect with its target audience and achieve its goals, without alienating existing members.

Caltech Slider Frame_1
Caltech slider Frame 2
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Brand Positioning & Messaging

Based on our research findings, we crafted both a new brand story and the strategy to bring that story to the world. We updated the Caltech Associates brand position, including a new vision statement. The new position was accompanied by a Messaging Toolkit-an in-depth communications document that laid out core messages to speak to each of the organization's audiences effectively.

Caltech_Color Scheme

Brand identity

We updated the Caltech Associates identity to make it clean and modern, and created a brand standards guide to ensure consistency across brand materials.

Caltech identity strategy

Web Design

A bold new website announced that Caltech Associates is on the cutting edge of science and technology research. Using a modern, clean font and a big splash of the Caltech orange, the website was a major evolution from their current look.

Caltech Assoc Website
Caltech_Facebook Campaign

Campaigns & Collateral

We brought the new brand to life across social campaigns for the holiday season and new year. A redesigned member renewal kit and new member welcome kit were important touch points for bringing new and existing members into the brand evolution.

Caltech_Instagram Campaign
Chinese New Year Campaign 1
Chinese New Year Campaign 2
Member and Renewal Kit