Belle On Bev
This is high fidelity living. Where experiences are amplified with historic richness and authentic texture.



Client: Cityview

Flux developed an identity and name for a new apartment community in Filipinotown by Cityview Development. Historic Filipinotown, known as HiFi, is an on trend neighborhood that epitomizes the diversity that makes LA special. Flux emphasized the originality and down-to-earth cool of this centrally located neighborhood that would appeal to creatives with an eye for unique details. The name Belle blends vintage and modern resonances for an artfully sophisticated and stylishly urban appeal. We positioned the building on the concept of “High Fidelity Living”– like listening to a great vinyl record, here experiences are amplified with historic richness and authentic texture. 

Client Services

Property Positioning
Logo + Identity System
Splash Page

Email Marketing
Construction Signage

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