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Where deco meets modern.

Flux was brought on to build a brand for this new Cityview multi-family development before the project even broke ground. From initial market research all the way to external marketing collateral, we created a full brand package for Belle on Beverly. With art deco touches in the heart of Historic Filipinotown, Belle on Bev has so much to offer.



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Belle on Bev
  • Brand Position
  • Naming
  • Identity
  • Signage
  • Marketing Collateral


Brand Positioning

At Flux, our work is always driven by strategy. We started this project with an in-depth report on the neighborhood and target audience for the building. Based on our findings, we crafted a unique position that would differentiate the building and resonate with consumers on a deeper level. The position, “Live Your Future,” communicates the history of this culturally diverse neighborhood while still appealing to modern, future-oriented prospective tenants.

Belle_Brand_Slide 1
Belle_Brand Position_Slide 2
Belle_Brand Position_Slide 3
Brand Position_Audience

We undertook extensive research on the surrounding area of Historic Filipinotown to effectively ground the building in the existing neighborhood. HiFi is an evolving area at the intersection of many cultures, making it a perfect place to find delicious global cuisine.

Brand Position _eateries

We highlighted the buildings proximity to unique eateries, appealing to an adventurous and curious consumer..

Brand Identity

Inside the building, Art Deco splendor meets modern geometric forms, while rattan accents and vibrant textiles pay homage to Filipino handicrafts. Similarly, the brand identity was informed by classic Art Deco forms and motifs, but updated for today to feel less decorative and more streamlined. The result was a clean, balanced logotype paired with a palette of rich jewel tones, accompanied by a wide set of graphic elements to be used across brand applications. 

Logo Option 1
Belle Color Palette
Belle Coaster
Belle Match Box

Marketing Collateral

Flux developed a wide reaching marketing kit to launch leasing efforts, including digital brochures, printed brochures, SWAG items, email templates, a splash page and a full website.

BellePostcards 4
BellePostcards 2
BelleTote Bag 1
Belle_Digital Brochure