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Brand Methodology

Branding isn’t magic. It’s method.


Brand methodology
From the outside, branding can seem like mysterious magic.

An alchemical combination of strategy, visuals, and voice, the elements of a brand coalesce to form more than the sum of their parts. When it works, you know it. It resonates on an emotional level that elevates a transaction to an experience. Strong brands make it look effortless. Strong branding studios know it’s not easy.

Great brands aren’t crafted using sorcery or chance. They’re made using a trusted brand methodology.


What Is Brand Methodology?

Branding is a creative process structured within a proven methodology. Directionless creativity leads to chaos. Overly rigid processes lead to cookie-cutter results. It’s a delicate balance, and why choosing a branding partner with a tested brand methodology is critical to the success of your branding initiative.

Transforming your brand means taking a step into the unknown. The need for branding has shown you can’t stay where you are, but moving in any direction is inherently risky. An effective agency isn’t counting on luck. Your branding partner should have a proven set of practices and processes to chart the course from now to next. Methodology is the map that guides the journey.


The Flux Brand Methodology

After 20 years of building brands that last, we’ve developed a proven brand methodology for bringing brands to their full potential: the IDEA Method. It ensures we’re following best practices while also giving us room to customize and adapt for your particular needs. IDEA has 4 steps: Ignite + Distill + Energize + Activate.

1. Ignite -Brand discovery

IGNITE: Brand Discovery – The initial spark between you and Flux, we begin with a comprehensive look inside and outside of your company to establish a deep understanding of your business. Nobody knows your company and industry like you do, and we’re ready to be students. We stop, look, and listen to everything happening within your brand, employees, industry, customers, and competitors. This knowledge ensures our strategic direction is authentic and resonant with your company and your audiences.


2. Distill Brand Positioning

DISTILL: Brand Positioning – Where great brands set themselves apart and celebrate what makes them different. After our in-depth investigation of who you are and where you fit in the brand landscape, we refine our information into a unique brand position. The result is an internal strategic document that informs the visual tone and written personality of all external communications. It’s the first iteration of your brand and serves as a foundation upon which to build, acting as a guiding light that ensures consistency across branded materials.

3.Ignite - Brand identity

ENERGIZE: Brand Identity -The brain processes visual information first, so it’s essential that strategy informs design. Our creative team turns the strategic vision solidified in the previous step into visual brand characteristics including logo, colors, and corporate identity. We craft a look that clearly communicates your positioning and personality, creating a cohesive and memorable brand presence.

3.Activate Brand- Expression

ACTIVATE: Brand Expression -We leverage your new identity in communications and campaigns that build loyalty, prompt engagement and inspire action. In the previous steps we’ve perfected the story– but a story needs listeners. We create effective, bold communications and experiences that bring your brand to the world. Through ongoing collaboration, we are your partner across a broad range of printed, experiential and digital campaigns.

One Part Science. One Part Art.

Great branding isn’t the product of chance, it’s the result of thoughtful and strategic action. A solid brand methodology ensures that a branding initiative has all the right components to build long-lasting value.

Brand methodology is crucial. But a great system still needs a great creative team to run it. Methodology shows the way. It’s the explorers who forge the path. Flux is an international team of movers and shakers, ready to bring great brands through times of transformation. If you’re ready to bring your brand to the next level, we’re ready to guide you.



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