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Branding secrets revealed over brews.


Join The Modern Pirate, Justin McCormick, to explore how brands tick for men. With decades of brand activation experience for cars, comics and pop culture, Justin reveals the three essential elements that drive appeal to guys.

Beginning with a great story, men are instinctively attracted to three fundamentals

TITLE Artboard 7 copy 5Guys love their stuff, and respond to well-crafted merchandise made of high-quality materials.

TITLE Artboard 7 copy 6Guys are driven by sexual urges that manifest in both overt and suggestive ways.

TITLE Artboard 7 copy 7Guys are competitive, want to be victorious, and love to show off their successes.

It’s a formula for success that he’s used in brands from Obey Apprarel, SpiderMan and Xmen, to the NHRA.

Shot on location at Iron Triangle Brewery in the DTLA Arts District.

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