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FLUX Branding - Jamie Schwartzman

It’s nearly the 4th of July. Independence Day. We celebrate freedom, the power of choice and the simple fact that in business we do whatever we think is best. As innovations continue to reshape the communications landscape, it’s an important time to consider your choices in branding. Now’s the time to harness the power of change by shifting your perception, and going indie.Bigger used to better, but the days of big agency domination is over. Advances in communication technology has leveled the field, allowing boutique studios like FLUX to become a viable indie resource for even the biggest corporations.

>Here are the three top benefits you’ll get by working with a boutique “Indie” agency:

1. The Client First. FLUX Branding - Client First - Auto Racing
Large agencies are driven by their own corporate objectives, and can’t always place the client first. Boutiques are independent from investor’s demands and can truly make your business the only priority. This means better service, and more realistic forecasts.



2. Fast & Nimble.

Boutiques have less managerial layers, making it easier to respond quickly to market opportunities. Larger agencies tend to develop complex campaigns with interdependencies that lead to rigid schedules. Many companies need the flexibility to develop last-minute projects or capitalize on unplanned business development.


3. Direct Connect. connection

Indie agencies typically keep top creatives on the frontlines. There’s a better chance you’d have the direct opportunity to interact with this caliber of talent in boutiques which makes for a more collaborative relationship. Having access to creatives on the fly can refine initiatives into great campaigns.

The biggest benefit in working with a boutique is that more of your budget makes its way into the project. It’s a simple economic equation: if overhead and business development costs are high, a larger fraction of every dollar in service revenues gets assigned away from your deliverables.

Whether your needs are small or large, long-term or project-based, a boutique studio like ours could make sense. Revel in your independence!

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