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Art Direction for Vehicles in Mad Max: Fury Road

Every other week, our creative team at Flux Studio holds a meeting to share and discuss our recent artistic inspirations. This week, our senior art director, Sean Marleau, presented a photographic series of the vehicles from the 2015 blockbuster, Mad Max: Fury Road.


Sean pointed out that this rustic and steampunk vision was not merely aesthetic, although the cars did certainly look badass. As Sean went through the images, he kept coming back to this idea of functionality and purpose.


In a barren, post-apocalyptic desert scenario, the world of the film truly determines the functionality of these gorgeous beasts. Notice the stitching Max has used to repair his tires. As a vagabond wandering in the abyss, Max relies on the natural materials available.


Or the handwoven carrier basket attached to the motorcycle.


Another point Sean made was about the concept of repurposed parts, both functional and aesthetic.


After close examination, it is clear that the art directors truly lent themselves to their imagination and to the world of Mad Max: Fury Road.

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