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6 Best Practices for Web/Social to Improve Your Brand

How you and your brand are perceived on the web is a vital part of any business in today’s marketing environment. This not only includes first impressions such as logos, stationery, your web design, but how you communicate and interact with people who visit your site. If you take a close look at what other successful businesses are doing, you will discover 6 best web/social practices to improve your brand.

1. Reply to their customers.

Whether it be in e-mails, blog comments, on other persons’ blogs, or in posts they make on their respective sites, website owners who respond to their followers grow their audience and build a strong, dedicated fan bases.

2. Use the names of others.

One of the most basic psychological responses, as any salesman or teacher knows, of any human being is when he hears his name called. There’s enormous power in this simple act. “Say my name,” was indelibly inscribed within audiences’ psyche long before the ditty was made popular by Beyoncé.

3. Revisit their sites’ navigation.

Sure, this is obvious. You want your site to be easy to navigate. That said, you can’t just fix it once and forget it. New technology, more sophisticated audiences, and increased competition demand that you return to your site often and move through it as a newcomer would do. If anything whatsoever lessens the experience, tweak it. Watch your numbers go up.

4. Avoid sales pitches.

Better yet, skip them altogether. Savvy traffic to your site, and the not-so-savvy ones — come to think of it — as well, tune out anything that even hints of being a pitch to sell them a service or product. They are tired of spiels, gimmicks, and online harangue. Well-known Internet entrepreneur Corbett Barr from ThinkTraffic.net has said, “The best sales pitch ever is no sales pitch at all.” He’s right. There are vastly better ways to make conversions.

5. Be true — always.

Nothing is more important than honesty and transparency. You don’t have to share the intimate details of your life, but you absolutely must be honest about who you are and what your business stands for.

6. Always deliver more than you promise.

Bakers of yore knew this when they threw in an extra item to a purchase and coined the term “baker’s dozen.” Candy store proprietors always tossed in an extra piece or two of “penny” candy. Just think about the last time you bought a candy bar or package of potato chips. Smaller sizes and greater air-to-product ratios don’t set too well, do they? Imagine your reaction if the candy bar were actually larger this time, or if the bag was actually filled? You’d be putting that item on your “buy” list pronto. The same works for brand. Over-deliver what you promised, and watch your results improve.

That’s 6 best practices for improving your brand.

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